Lindsay Rieder

Inner Wisdom® Yoga Therapy Practitioner, Usui Advanced Reiki Practitioner, Practical Reiki Master Practitioner and 300 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher.

My journey into holistic and energy healing began when I realized that I needed to make a huge life change. I was under constant stress and experienced major anxiety daily. This stress and anxiety finally took a toll on my mind and body. Being in the medical field for 12 plus years I always thought traditional western medicine was the only way to heal yourself. When I realized I needed to heal on a deeper level I reached out to a friend who was experienced in the healing arts.

Upon her advice I began my  healing journey with Reiki. My experience during my Reiki treatment was both healing and empowering. For the first time in my life I was able to truly relax and could feel my anxiety decrease.

Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to Inner Wisdom® Yoga Therapy, created by Jennifer Langsdale. This energy work allowed me to release emotional pain and memories from my past. It has helped me gain a sense of self-confidence and let go of fears that had previously held me back from moving on in my life.

Yoga also helped me find healing. I was suffering from anxiety, low self–esteem and depression. I felt sick all the time and had daily pains and tension in my body. Yoga has improved my overall well-being and has given me the tools to let go of old emotional wounds and anger. Yoga helped me feel stronger, take my power back and find healing in my heart.

These experiences have changed my life and inspired me to attain certification in all of these healing arts. My passion is to use my training and knowledge to help others achieve balance, find their own sense of strength, power and healing in all aspects of their lives.



  • Inner Wisdom® Yoga Therapy Practitioner with Jennifer Langsdale at Awaken Yoga School
  • Usui Advanced Reiki Practitioner with Tina DiCillo at Awaken Yoga School
  • Practical Reiki Master Practitioner with Minh-Chau Craig at Sharing the Light
  • 300 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher at Awaken Yoga School