Connecting to the Root Chakra

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Connecting to the Root Chakra Root Chakra, Muladhara, is the energetic space in our bodies that is located at the base of the spine. This is our space of tribal connection and survival. This is also the space where we connect to nature and earth. The color associated with this space is red and the element is Earth. When this chakra is balanced we believe that we have a right to be here, a sense of belonging to a family or tribe, feel grounded, strong, supported and have a good physical connection to the body.

We learn in this chakra that “All is one.” The developmental stage of this chakra is the womb to 12 months. Our behavioral patterns and superstitions develop in this chakra and are inherited through our tribes. Adults can also pass down imbalances to children in this stage. So when we become older we may start to recognize which patterns and behaviors are healthy or destructive to our personal being. When the patterns or behaviors are destructive we may to separate or distance ourselves from our tribe. Just to clarify- a tribe doesn’t have to be an immediate family- it can also be a group of people or friends we associate with. Separation from one’s tribe can be very difficult, showing the shadow side of this chakra. A teacher once told me we experience a “Muladhara shakedown”. The shadows of the Root Chakra are primal fears that are caused by a weakness in our tribal connection. These primal fears include: lack of loyalty and trust, lack of tribe or family identity, physical survival and financial crisis.

When this chakra becomes imbalanced a person can feel they don’t belong, fears kick in and they can start to feel ungrounded. They can lose the connection to this space, and energy can become stagnant or blocked here.  Root chakra  imbalances can also cause physical ailments in the physical body. These include low lethargic depression, sciatica, immune disorders, eating disorders, and chronic pain. In order for to feel balanced again in this chakra,  a healthy connection in this space needs to be reestablished, and things that at are not serving the person need to be released. These could include fear, feelings of abandonment, anger and so on.

This is a great time of year to restablish a healthy connection  to this space. As the colder season is upon us we start to slow down and rest, which is very grounding. Now that we find ourselves spending more time indoors, journaling and reflecting on this space are good ways to release and restore. Also, spending time with our families and friends now that the holidays are here helps to reconnect and rediscover our roots.

Here are some more ways to help get back in touch or heal the root chakra;

  • Plug into nature, going for walks. This may seem difficult during the winter, but even getting outside for a few minutes can help.
  • Eating grounding foods such as root vegetables, proteins such as beans, nuts and eggs.
  • Listening to drumming music can help us feel that earthy tribal connection.
  • Practicing yoga asanas including, Tadasana (Mountain Pose), forward folds, Virabhadrasana’s (warrior poses) any pose where you are sitting on the floor and the  sit bones (root) are on the floor.
  • Create a family tree, Take this time that you are spending with your family and find out a little more about your roots and heritage.
  • Journaling statements such as I am connected to… I am releasing fear attached to… I am strong, grounded, safe, and secure. I have a right to be here… are all very helpful.

The root chakra is our base and foundation. It is so important that we stay connected and open in this space.

You are here. You are connected. You are solid, but you are molten inside. Deep within your roots you find your past, your memories, your primal self. Your connection here is simple, direct. You remember your heritage, your ancient self, as a child of the Earth. She is your teacher.
-from Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith


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