Grounding: How to Be Strong When Facing Our Fears

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Grounding: How to Be Strong When Facing Our Fears

photoSometimes when we let our everyday fears consume our well-being we can find ourselves feeling a bit ungrounded. Maybe it is fear of public speaking, starting that new job, or just fearing the unknown.

I have experienced many moments of not feeling so grounded over the last year or so. After working in the medical field for 15 plus years, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and begin my journey into the holistic health field. I trained in Reiki and Body Wisdom and have gone on to open my own business.

During my training and trying to build my business I experienced many times when my fears took ahold of me. I would question myself, “am I on the right path?” or “what if I fail at this?” I was constantly worrying about the unknown.  I realized that these were my fears and that I needed to face them. But I knew that I needed to be strong and grounded to do so. In order to do this I would remember to use the tools that I learned during training to help myself get grounded again.

During my Body Wisdom training, I learned from a fellow student a great grounding meditation. I remember when I was having a moment where I wanted to give up and quit training. The student told me that I should go and sit under a tree. She said to breathe out my fears and try to let myself get connected to nature. I thought to myself “a tree?” “How is a tree going to calm me down?”  But I did it. I went and sat underneath that tree and closed my eyes. I started with some deep breathing in and out. When I exhaled I let out all the fears and anxiety. Every time I inhaled I would breathe in the fresh earth energy. As I sat there I let my body melt into the ground, into the earth. I felt this deep connection with the earth and a sense on calmness rush over my body. I said to myself “I can do this!” I felt at that moment so strong and that I could conquer anything! I always come back to this meditation whenever I am feeling anxious or fearful. It helps me reconnect with my body and being with nature helps ground me.

When sitting outside isn’t an option, you can practice this indoor visualization meditation. I learned this one from another energy healer. Sit in a chair with your feet planted on the floor. Close your eyes and begin to take in a few deep breaths in and out. Start to feel your tailbone rooted to the chair and feel your feet melt into the floor. Continue with the deep breathing in and out. As you exhale, let out any fears or worries you may be experiencing. When you inhale pretend you are breathing in the fresh earth air. Continue with this for about three cycles. Return to normal breathing after the last cycle. Start to visualize that roots are growing out of your feet. Then come back to the deep breathing again. When you exhale imagine the roots growing out of your feet and into the floor. The floor can represent the earth. When you inhale feel like you are breathing in fresh earth energy.  Continue to let the roots spread deeper into the earth until you feel yourself grounded and feeling strong again.

There are other ways to become grounded without meditation. These include journaling, using statements such as “I am grounded,” “I am strong,” I am safe and secure,” “I trust life,” “I am connected to the earth.” Also saying “I am releasing fears attached to” is very powerful.

You can also ground by getting outside and taking a walk through the park or do some gardening.  Cooking and eating foods such as root vegetables are very helpful. Also drumming or listening to drums is a great way to make a connection to the earth.

All of these methods are very useful to bring grounding into our lives. When we are grounded we are able to feel strong and secure so that when our fears come knocking at our door we able to face them and let them go.








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